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Cadiz de la Frontera
"Cadiz de la Frontera"


This is the story of a violin player who travelled along villages and cities, accompanied by his music. He went to all of those placed because he was looking for inspiration for his violin.
He was looking for that one magical place, where the sound of his instrument would well up by its own.
And then one day, his pathway led to Jerez...
The scent of a city immersed in old wine, its bodegas full of eternally ripening Sherry. Its open-hearted people, toughened by a life long of struggle and strikingly curious, were true music specialists who also knew how to dance.

In this place he felt happy as something touched his soul. He started playing the violin without being able to stop. The earth, the earth.... place of the earth....
His curiousity which knew no boundaries led him to continue his journey. He headed south... and arrived in Cadiz.
The open sea, a small island filled with seagulls. Its people had a surprising sense of humour, it was a city of party makers.
Once more he was overcome by joy and started playing. His music now had a latin feel, as if it were a memory of a latin american atmosphere.
The sea, the sea... place of the sea...
He then felt the need to unite these two incredible worlds, but he knew not how. His music was to survive the tooth of time. And he continued thinking...
And then I knew... I chose two people and made them love one another, for only love is able to transcend boundaries...

She, woman of the sea, place of salt, of the silver purse.
Her city,  choked by the scent of seeweed, always at the rhythm of the waves, where freedom breathes.
She heard its flamenco... and was completely overpowered.
Its festive Cantes such as the Alegrias, Cantiñas,Tanguillos,…
Its Cantes de Ida y Vuelta with latin american rhythms under a flamenco influence, such as the Guajiras, Colombianas, Vidalitas…
Its flamenco icons: Ignacio Espeleta, Aurelio Sellé, La Perla, Enrique el Melizzo, Péricon, Chano Lobato…
She stems from Cadiz, it pleases her, she wants to pertain to it.

He, man rooted with the soil which yields the grape, where the aroma of wine intoxicates every one, where horses trot at the rhythm of Bulerias.
His city, filled with charming places, with bodegas... city of brotherhoods.
He hears its flamenco and... he was empowered by it.
Its Cantes such as Seguirillas, Cantes de Fragua, Soleares, Bulerias…
Its flamenco icons: : Lola Flores, Manuel Torres, Terremoto, Agujetas, Sernita,…
He stems from Jerez, it pleases him, he wants to pertain to it.

Two life styles... two ways of perception... two lives connected.



“……Peña and Ogalla made a grand entrance with
“Cadiz de la Frontera”…”
“…an expression of passion so deep that it can only come from the depths of their souls…”
“…the outrageous public honoured the dazzling new dancing couple with a standing ovation which lasted for almost a quarter of an hour…”

“…Andrès Peña and Pilar Ogalla present Flamenco in its purest form…”

“…Andrès belongs to the “GALACTICOS”. Compact, intense, minimalistic en maximalistic depending on what the moment requires, but always defying the laws of gravity.
Por Bulerias he is a miracle , without the accompaniment of palmas, percussion nor of music of any kind: hypnotizing and truely fascinating!...”
“…Peña & Ogalla emphasize the strenght and the absolute relevance of classic Flamenco…”

“… This is a production which the Andalucian government should send around the world, for this is the true flamenco. It is what flamenco should be and what should be shared with the entire world…”