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Andrés Peña & Pilar Ogalla
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   Andres Peña & Pilar Ogalla   
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   Andrés Peña   
Andrés Peña


Andrés Peña Morón (1976) was born in Jerez de la Frontera.

He made his first Flamenco-moves at the age of 10 and soon he took lessons with Angelita Gómez. Later he also participated in the Ballet Albarizuela, where he encountered the leadership of Fernando Belmonte. Afterwards he strived for perfection with such grand names as: Manolete, Antonio Canales, Carmen Cortes, Javier Latorre and La Yerbabuena.

As a professional he often performed with great dancing companies and other established values such as Manuel Morao y Gitanos de Jerez, La Compañia de la Changa, La Compañia de Carmen Cortés (for a.o. “Salomé”) and with La Compañia de Eva Yerbabuena, a.o. for the programmes “Eva” and “Cinco Mujeres Cinco”.

Furthermore he also contributed to programmes of José Luis Montón, Pepe Justicia, Duquende, Juana Amaya and Miguel Poveda ("Sin Frontera").

As a solo performer Andrés Peña could be seen at work in some of the best-known tablaos such as Café de Chinitas and Las Carboneras in Madrid, El Cordobés in Barcelona and El Flamenco in Osaka (Japan). He also was allowed to perform in the most famous theatres and on the best concert stages: Circulo de Bellas Artes and La Villa in Madrid, Lope de Vega in Sevilla, Alameda and Gran Teatro Falla in Cádiz, Teatro Villamarta in Jerez.
With his own dancing company he has already done several international tours in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, France, Portugal, Lebanon and Italy. Recently he was at the Barbican Centre in London.

At the beginning of his international career Andrés Peña was rewarded as the best young dancer at the XI Bienal de Flamenco in Sevilla.

Nowadays he appears on stage with his programme “Cadiz de la Frontera”, a spectacle which he first performed at the Festival de Jerez, at the beginning of this year.

Pilar Ogalla


The Spanish flamenco dancer Pilar Ogalla comes from Cádiz, a coastal town in Andalucia. At the age of ten, she put her first flamenco steps. She took lessens with such renowned flamenco dancers as there are Concha Baras, Manolete, Matilde Coral, Cristina Hoyos, Manuela Carrasco, Eva “La Yerbabuena” and Antonio Canales.

In 1982, she made her debut in the spectacle “Las Calles de Cai” in the Gran Teatro Falla in Cádiz. Ogalla there performed amidst the most illustrious flamenco singers, dancers and guitar players such as Juan Villar, Adela “La Chaqueta”, Alfonso de Gaspar, de Ginetos brothers…
Until 1987, she danced with the company “Los niños de la Tertulia Flamenca de la Isla”. Ogalla could among others be admired in a spectacle with Camarón de la Isla and Manuela Carrasco at the Festival de la Parpuja of Chiclana, at the Campeonato Mundial de Gimnasia Rítmica in Valladolid, in “Camino del flamenco”, a programme by Canal Sur and last but not least in a performance for the Spanish queen Sophia and princess Cristina.

Following performances need to be highlighted in particular: Teatro Berci in France and the Palau San Jordi in Barcelona with the Real Escuela de Arte Ecuestre de Jerez de la Frontera. Compañia Cristina Hoyos at the Teatro Central in Sevilla, Gira Sueca with the shows “Al Aire” and “Por el flamenco”, Gira COPE 2000. The spectacles “Colores” with the company of Rafael de Carmen at the XI Bienal de Sevilla and “Soniquete” with the Compañia Juan Ogalla, which made the art of flamenco into an international resounding success in countries such as Austria, France, Miami and Japan.

Furthermore, Pilar Ogalla also danced at the “Los Gallos” Tablao in Sevilla and in Casa Patas in Madrid. She could be admired as a guest artist in “Dime” and “Flamenco y Punto”, two spectacles performed by the Compañia de Javier Barón in France and in the Sala Almonte in Sevilla. She danced in the “Flamencos” spectacle, which the Compañia de Juan de Ogalla presented at the Teatro Manoel de Malta and in “Peña”, a spectacle performed by the company of Andrés Paña at the I Festival de Flamenco in Tenerife. She could be spotted next to the famous dancer Alicia Márquez in the spectacle “Dos mujeres, dos miradas”, which was introduced in Austrian halls and she danced along in her own spectacle “Locos del tiempo” at the Central Lechera in Cádiz.

As a teacher, Pilar Ogalla had her own “ASOCIACIÓN DE JÓVENES FLAMENCOS” from 1994 to 2000. She taught in international courses for flamenco schools in Sweden (Stockholm) and Norway (Oslo).

As a choreographer, she presented her first spectacle “Danza Andalucia” at the Nissay theatre in Tokio (Japan) with the company Oripros.

Pilar Ogalla