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Luisa Muñoz

a gypsy cantaora born in Montpellier (France), has a family curriculum of great weight: She belongs to «Los Montoya», one of the familytrees that most artists have given to the world of flamenco, like her aunt Antonia «La Negra» or her cousins ​​Lole and Angelita Montoya.
French by birth, she makes Malaga her city of residence after joining the Company of dancer Antonio de Verónica. From then onwards she quickly begins to be requested by the main local Flamencoclubs such as (P.F. "Juan Breva", P.F. "El Piyayo" ...) and her recognition increases throughout the province, acting in the main clubs, tablaos and festivals of Malaga.
She is an artist with an extensive and versatile repertoire, with capacity and qualities for both singing and dancing. She fully dominates the festive songs, without leaving aside the most solemn and rounded, whether we speak about Cante libre such as malagueña or taranta, or rhythmical styles such as bulería. With her family roots, completed with her study and dedication to singing, he has evolved significantly, increasing her already extensive repertoire with more and more Flamencostyles which bring us back to the golden times of flamenco.

She has shared the stage with artists such as: `La Cañeta de Málaga´, José de la Tomasa, Tomasa Guerrero` La Macanita´, Pepito Vargas, `El Remache´, `Canela de San Roque´, Mari Peña or Carmen Ledesma, among many others.

Amongst her most important references, we find:
- The show `Raíces´ at the last Biennial` Málaga en Flamenco´, together with Paco Cepero, Mari Peña and Manuel Molina in the Auditorium `La Paloma´ in Benalmádena (Málaga).
- At the `Milano Flamenco’ festival in Italy,
- At the Flamenco Festival of Nimes (France),
- The Flamenco Festival ‘City of Malaga’,
- Flamenco Festival of Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga),
- In the `Flamenco BBK’ cycle in Bilbao