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Antonio Reyes
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Antonio Reyes


Antonio Reyes Montoya is descending from a gypsy family from Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz).

Without a doubt, Antonio Reyes is one of the greatest young singing talents in the world of Flamenco. His wonderful voz affilá is very gitano, very flamenco!

He inherited his talent from his father, who made him listen to classical masters such as Antonio Mairena from a very early age. This might explain his debut at the age 6(!) at a festival in Ojén.

Not even a year later, in 1983, he appeared on the program of the Festival de la Parpuja, in his native town Chiclana. There, he already shared the stage with Camarón, Fosforito and El Lebrijano.

Shortly afterwards, his father sent him to an academy in Jerez de la Frontera, where Manuel Morao was his teacher and where he grew up with the music of Terremoto, La Perla de Cádiz and Juanito Mojama. The latter let him perform at the age of merely 8 in Jerez de la Frontera, at his famous festival Jueves Flamencos. Accompanied by Morao!

In 1985 already, he won a singing contest in Fuengirola, and at the age of 13 he was a finalist at the most highly reputed contest of Andalusia, namely the one of Mairena del Alcor. In that same year, he undertook a first tour throughout Europe, as a singer of the company of Paco Peña!

Afterwards, he also joined the company of dancer Joaquin Grilo.

His completed his phase of completion in 2000, when he won at a national contest organised as a tribute to Camarón. The year after, he won the desirable prize of the Andalusia Federation of Flamencopeñas and 2months later he triumphed in Córdoba, where he won both national prizes (Antonio Mairena and Manolo Caracol) at the Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco. A unique performance!