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La Tremendita
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 La Tremendita 
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 La Tremendita
 De Volkskrant : 24-1-2006 
 La Tremendita
La Tremendita
La Tremendita
La Tremendita, Sevilla (1984) is one of the most important representatives of a stunning new generation of Flamenquitos.
Her winning the “Premio Manolo Carracal” at the very prestigious “Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco” in Córdoba was a crucial milestone on her way to a grand carreer.

The fact that Rosario Guerrero Hernández a.k.a. Rosario “La Tremendita” has ended up in the world of flamenco can hardly be called a surprise: she was born in the legendary gipsy quarter Triana, into a family of flamenco musicians.

Ever since her childhood, she has always been surrounded by Arte and Compás. Her great-grandmother “La Gandinga de Triana” was a well-known Saetera and from her early childhood days onwards, she was accompanying her father, the high-spirited flamenco singer “El Tremendo”, in whom she found an ideal teacher. Her first solo performance, in Triana, dates back to 1989.
As a teenager already, she shared the playbill with such grand names from the Cante as there are Jose de la Tomasa, Chano Lobato, Sara Baras and many others.

La Tremendita is one of those young flamenco artists who is occupied with innovation, without ever losing from sight the roots and the “pureza”.
Just like other talents from here generation, e.g. Laura Vital, she tries to leave her personal mark on her work by thoroughly studying musical structures and by creating her own compositions.

This remarkable young flamenco talent is now for the first time coming to the north for a limited series of Recitales. The unique occasion for every aficionado to witness the first international steps of a young singer at the promising start of a grand international carreer.