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Rafael Campallo
Rafael Campallo


Rafael Campallo is widely recognized as one of the most prominent and influential dancers in the entire world of Flamenco.

Rafael started taking lessons with José Galván at the young age of 11, before furthering his training with Manolo Marín, with whom he performed in the show “A contratiempo”. At the age of 16, he was already performing as a solodancer or guest artist in Spain as well as in Japan. He has performed in several companies with renowned artists, entering the Compañía Andaluza de Danza in 1996, at the time directed by Mario Maya, with whom he travelled around the world. In 1999, Rafael won the “El Desplante” prize of the La Unión Festival.

RAFAEL CAMPALLO is a dancer with a very rich repertoire, combined with an impressive sense of rhytm or Compás.
His dancing reflects a great personality with tremendous energy and sensibility.
He is a stylish Flamencodancer, elegant and of very high standard, gracious and generous.

He has performed widely as a soloartist in festivals and theatres in Spain and worldwide, in notable places and events such as the Metropolitan Museum of New York, in Mont de Marsan, the International Flamenco Festival of Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA), the Festival of Dusseldorf, and in several editions of the Festival of Jerez and the Flamenco Biennal of Seville.

Highlights of his excellent performances are “Trilogía” with Andrés Marín and El Torombo, “Flamenco se escribe con jota” with Úrsula López and Miguel Ángel Berna, “Puente de Triana” with Adela Campallo as guest artist, a homage to Manuel Soler with “Al Compás de Soler”, “Campallerías”, “Horizonte” and “Triana, la otra orilla” with Adela Campallo, and as a soloist in the closing gala “La punta y la raíz”, “Un paseo por el baile de Sevilla” directed by Rafaela Carrasco in the 17th Flamenco Biennial of Seville.

At present, Rafael Campallo is performing in the most prestigious theatres throughout the world. An artist at his peak!