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La Macanita
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   Tageszeitung : 14-12-2007   
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   La Macanita   
   La Macanita   
La Macanita
La Macanita


Tomasa Guerrero Carrasco “La Macanita (Jerez de la Frontera, 1968) is a flamenco star who has stayed fully loyal to the pure and uncomparable form of gipsy cante that is so very typical for her home town.
Her artist’s name is derived from her father
“El Macano”, who has also passed his outspoken gipsy voice to his daughter.

La Macanita made her debut under the wings of the great Manuel Morao, artistic mentor of many a talent in Jerez.
At the age of only 4, she appeared singing and dancing “Por Bulerias” in the well-known tv-flamenco-programme “Rito y Geografia del Cante”.
Typical for Jerez are also the many Villancicos choirs. Villancicos are ancient christmas carol which have in the course of time become a common good of the Arte Flamenco. La Macanita used to sing these songs at christmas celebrations in and around Jerez for many years. Furthermore, it was exactly as a Villancicos singer that she first gained recognition in the film “Flamenco” by Carlos Saura. Shortly after that, she also contributed to the important “Tauromagia” CD by Manolo Sanlúcar.

Meanwhile she has already presented 5 of her own CD’s. Her debut was called “Con el alma” and the new “Sólo por eso” appeared only recently.

Do not expect any inclines or experiments with modern influences from La Macanita. Her style is pure and o so gitano. The Sonidos Negros by La Macanita reflect the essence of Flamenco and as far as Cante Jondo is concerned, she reaches lonely peaks.

La Macanita is now coming to the North for a limited number of “Recitales de Cante Flamenco” (or: singing recitals). An ideal opportunity to meet one of the most important translators of the Cante Flamenco and the Cante Gitano in particular. A must for any Aficionado.