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Pedro Cordoba
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Pedro Cordoba


Pedro Cordoba started his dance training as a child, taking ballet, classical Spanish dance and flamenco classes.
His flamenco training was under the guidance of Manolete, Eva La Yerbabuena, Antonio Canales, Javier Latorre and Javier Baron, among others.
Even though he is still quite young he can already present an impressive record of performances.
This is a small selection from his resume:
- In ’97 he worked with Enrique Morente for the concert series “Omega”. The choreography was realized by Javier Latorre.
- In ’98 he became a member of the Compañia Andaluza de Danza under the guidance of Jose Antonio. He danced in numerous performances such as Latido Flamenco and Cosas de Payos, choreographies by respectively Manolete and Javier Latorre.
- In 2000 he joined the company of Eva La Yerbabuena. Their first show together was in Granada, in the performance “Eva”.
At the Sevillian Biennial of that same year, he danced with the companies of Eva La Yerbabuena and Javier Baron in respectively “5 Mujeres 5” and “Baile de hierro baile de bronce”.
- In 2004 he did guest performances at concerts of Duquende, Chicuelo en Miguel Poveda.
He also danced in “Triana” by Javier Latorre. In 2004 still, he shared the stage with Paco de Lucia, Esperanza Fernandez and Israel Galvan at the Festival of Argèles-sur-Mer in France.
In 2006 he established his own cuadro and was invited to perform at the Sevillian Biennial and at the Corral del Carbon in Granada.
Up until today he also does quite a few guest performances with the company of Vicente Amigo.
Pedro Cordoba is a renowned performer, the favourite dancer of many artists and non-artists.
His style is impressive because of its force and technical control. And yet Pedro Cordoba is first and for all a remarkeably expressive and versatile flamenco dancer.