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"The world of a musician is built around encounters ("Encuentros")", says guitarist Patricio Grande.
The people, the artists and the situations that he will encounter during his life will shape his musical universe.
It is from this basic idea that Patricio Grande created this production "ENCUENTRO" and that he found inspiration for the creative world he built around his compositions. If art is the expression of feelings and if those feelings are created by these encounters, then this performance offers you a journey through the human soul through the specific language of flamenco as a genre.

For this production, Patricio is surrounded by musicians who inspire him particularly artistically and on a human level. "Encuentro" is also the meeting of different cultures because the musicians on stage are all of different origins, Spain enters as it were into a dialogue with Latin America, Belgium, France and Armenia.
Patricio Grande : flamencoguitar
Marisol Valderrama : dance
C├ęcile Evrot : vocals
Esteban Murillo : vocals
Rodolphe Babignan : percussion
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