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De Arte

9 artists are on stage to dance, sing and play the guitar, with flamenco as common denominator.
Every artist in this production has remarkable references in his own right and they are all solid, mature professionals.
Their own specific personalities and characters come together in this project.
There is no storyline, script or scenario. There is only admiration for each other and the joy of playing together that is making this production so remarkable.
Tradition, respect and truth, …translated to the stage. That is what De Arte is all about



- Tangos de granada - taranto (the encounter and the self reflection in silence)
- Fandangos - Caña (the couple, affinity and love)
- Alegrías de Córdoba (elegance, commotion and femininity)
- Guajira (search, innovation and experiment)
- Seguirilla - Martinete (sadness, pain, quarrel and pride)
- Bulerías (a fantastic party, everyone goes for it and everyone contributes to the Arte for a moment)


Artistic direction and choreography: David Pérez
Music: Manuel De La Luz
- David Pérez
- María José León
- Carmen González
- Rocío Alcaide
- Inma Luna

- Manuel De la Luz (guitar)
- Fran Roca (guitar)
- Sebastián Sánchez (vocals)
- Bernardo Miranda (vocals)

Lighting design and technology: Antonio Valiente

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