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Three Generations
...a family sounding great
The most appealing music dynasty in our country ... pushes a new generation forward.
It is unique in our country, generation after generation, the De Cauter family produces sound, professional musicians.
Their repertoire is very diverse and goes from Flamenco, over Jazz and Gipsyswing, via Klassiek and Chanson, even to… Brassens.
With this grandfather-father (grand-) daughter and grandson quartet, all this flows together into one naturally sounding, natural whole.

Although multi-instrumentalist Koen De Cauter is now regarded as the forefather of a musical family, but it actually started with Koen's parents. After all, his father was a painter who also played the violin, and mother had a pure voice. Koen's first love was classical music, but it was in the dancing of mom and dad that Koen was also confronted with the music of Charles Aznavour and Sidney Bechet…or the tangos of Malando.
After a period of immersing himself in New Orleans jazz, he makes a new discovery: the Flamenco. He also meets the talented Piotto family and soon a first version of the Waso-band was born. After all, Koen de Cauter has been joining the northern branch of the Gypsies since 1964: the Manouche families, to whom Django Reinhardt regularly visited.
He is mainly self-taught on guitar and soprano saxophone, later he becomes more and more a singer.
Countless projects: Brassens, Gezelle, les P'tits Belges, Romani, De Cauter family, etc. Tours throughout Western Europe, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Congo, Burundi, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, New Orleans, North Sea Jazz festival , Samois sur Seine, Dranouter, etc.
Collaboration with Wannes Van de Velde, Sammy Rimington, Sing Miller, Sam Lee, Topsy Chapman, Juanita Brooks, David Paquette, Piet Chielens, Mikhail Bezverkhny, Johan Verminnen, Patrick Saussois, Jopie Jonkers, Daniel Colin, Jean Corti, Tcha Limberger, Fapy Lafertin, etc.
... "I am still full of musical plans and I continue untill I drop down"

Myrddin De Cauter, the youngest son of Koen De Cauter, is a phenomenon in the field of contemporary worldmusic. At a young age he learned to play the clarinet and from there discovered jazz and Gipsyswing, but also classical music and many other styles. At the age of 14 he discovered the richness and originality of the flamenco guitar. He forged his own personality on the instrument very early on.
After learning the basics from his father, he left for Spain where he took lessons with the flamencomasters Gerardo Nuñez, Manolo Sanlucar, Enrique De Melchor and Rafael Riqueni. Over the years, Myrddin turns out to be not just a flamenco guitarist, but an exceptional talent that can merge technical virtuosity and a deep lyrical experience into one. He has already released four CDs. On his latest album "Rosa de Papel" he demonstrates his incredible skills as a composer and guitarist, proof that great flamenco virtuosos do not necessarily have to come from Spain.
He collaborated with Jef Neve, Bart Maris, Nathan Daems, Alain Pérez, etc. Myrddin is one of those rare artists who creates all kinds of music but of the utmost class. The versatility of influences and his urge to experiment ensure a distinct style within contemporary flamenco.

Cellist Imre De Cauter made her debut alongside her father (Myrddin) at Gent Jazz last year. This performance made a deep impression. The emergence of a great career that was written in the stars.
In the meantime, she has been together at Festival Dranouter and countless other venues in this country and abroad.
And indeed, it is with Imre that the musical dynasty De Cauter puts a new generation in the spotlight.

Djalt (2004) - son of Koen’s eldest son Waso - started with classical music and an instrument. He has chosen the trumpet. However, it was only around the age of 13 that music started to really fascinate him and when he discovered the New Orleans Jazz, a deep musical bond developed between him and his grandfather. Soon, he and Koen played together at least once a week and this is how Pops & Wops came into being: the group around Koen and Djalt where New Orleans Jazz is central and with which they perform monthly in Waso’s music bar Bar Lume. Meanwhile, in addition to trumpet, guitar and vocals, became his new passions. And Djalt's musical interests also evolves - just like his grandfather - far beyond New Orleans Jazz: music from Argentina, Russia, Bavaria and Tyrol, Chanson, Blues and Blue Grass, Slavic and Gypsy music ... and all things beautiful.
One thing is clear: apart from family, Djalt and Koen are musical soulmates.