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Flamenco performance inspired by Seville, the city full of music.
The Belgian dancer Eva Verbruggen has already been living in Seville for 10 years and has devoted herself completely to flamenco dance. Surrounded by a company of multidisciplinary artists, she brings the flamenco creation “¡Sevilla Suena!”: a story with five artists and a town in the leading role.

Five artists with different interests and backgrounds, all share the same passion: Flamenco. Flamenco brought them to Seville and in this town their paths cross.

They meet each other on the stage of a traditional flamenco event, where they share the bill with local artists. After the performance, the five go into town trying to get to know each other. The night is still young and Seville embraces them.

Seville with her alleys, parks and squares, busy markets, lots of Dance Academies and guitar workshops, bright public places does not only form the beautiful frame work for this adventure. The city announces itself in all her intensity and ecstasy as an essential player.

The artists tell about their experiences and about their lives in Seville. They go from one story to the other. Flamenco is the main language. The typical sounds of the flamenco guitar and the flamenco voice run like a thread between the different scenes.

The sounds of the city are at the foreground. For the artists flamenco is the essential axis in the soundscape of Seville where other prominent roles are for the clocks of the numerous churches, a jumble of foreign languages, the splashing fountains, buzz and tinkling glasses. All these sounds are what turn the life in Seville into an intense musical experience.

« ¡Sevilla Suena! / Seville sounds ! » loud, indiscrete, full of sounds, full of music.

For the spectators, there unfolds a joyful exhibition about collaboration and friendship, a shared passion for flamenco, about the chances that a city offers and the challenges it sets that one has to conquer, about a lively city that inspires infinitely.

Eva Verbruggen explores new artistic ways to tell this story. She looks into the possibilities of her flamenco dance as a language and reaches out to other art forms. She experiments with old traditions of telling stories and also with modern techniques. The visual and auditory city landscape is integral to the show. Which culminates into a composition that sparks the imagination of the spectators.

To realize this Eva Verbruggen has surrounded herself with flamenco musicians who are also familiar with other artistic disciplines.

Singer Sara Holgado (Cádiz) does not just sing flamenco but also world music and she studied the art of painting at the University of Seville. Flamenco guitarist Gori Mazo (Seville) is a guitar player employed in multiple flamenco tablaos in Seville but he is also a member of the Andalusian rock group Zaguán. Javier Prieto plays several instruments and is an established value as flamenco percussionist whom is also known as Javier Hang because of his forte with the similarly named instrument: the hang. Renowned dancer Marta Arias, licenced at the conservatorium of Seville in the discipline ‘Spanish Dance’, makes this talented company complete.

The story of flamenco dancer Eva Verbruggen is not ordinary. After studying Germanic languages in Ghent and after some years as a teacher, she turned in her chalk for a pair of flamenco shoes. She moved to Seville and challenged herself to make a living out of her hobby. “Believing in your dreams is essential to realize this ambition, but above all else, the collaboration with artists who share your passion for flamenco.”