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Antonio Higuero
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Antonio Higuero


Antonio Higuero Pazos (Jerez de la Frontera, 1969) is the typical example of jerezian flamenco culture. His virtuoso guitar play undoubtedly radiates the “Aire” of Jerez.

He took his training with Manuel Lozano “El Carbonereo” in the heart of Barrio San Miguel in Jerez and gained his first experience in the flamenco children’s company of dancer Ana Maria Lopez and with guitar player Manuel Morao. Very quickly, he became a highly reputed guitar player.

Meanwhile, he has grown up to become one of the flamenco world’s most renowned accompanists.
Antonio Higuero has a great deal of respect for flamenco singing and quotes promptly that “in order to understand and to feel flamenco you need to master the essence of the Arte Flamenco”. For him, the essence of flamenco are the classical vocal masters such as Mojama, Manuel Torre, Serneta,…

He is the fixed accompanist of one of flamenco’s biggest names: Fernando Terremoto.
Together, they are the most reputed duo in the world of traditional flamenco. As a guitar player however, Antonio Higuero also frequently accompanies other well-known artists such as Juan Moneo “El Torta” and  “La Macanita” .

As far as rising stars are concerned, he accompanies Ezequiel Benitez (Jerez) and  Antonio Reyes (Chiclana).
With these youngsters, he also gets more and more fixated on international opportunities.

Antonio Higuero is a worthy ambassador of the type of flamenco stemming from his home town Jerez de la Frontera, but above all of the Arte Flamenco in general.